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20 Jan 2009

No such thing as too far

Is 100 miles too far to drive for tea and scones? Is an hour too long to spend in the car just for the purpose of purchasing fancy cakes? Kris believes it is, I on the other hand, would gladly travel three times the distance for something special on my plate.

Harrogate is around 100 miles from us, and an hour or so drive which normally wouldn't matter but other than pretty views the village doesn't really offer much else in the name of activities. Because of this, my bi-monthly requests to be taken to Betty's Tea Rooms is usually answered with a resounding 'No!' Luckily for me (but unluckily for him), the drummer in my lovely fiancee's band has just made the move back to the land of the parents after graduating university. Where do his parents live? That's right, Harrogate. So now, every time the poor soul ventures back up to my neck of the woods, which is quite often, I request he comes bearing a different cake from good old Betty's.

The marzipan cauliflowers are my very favorite.

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  1. They look great, is there cake inside or is it just marzipan all the way through? May have to detour to Harrogate on my next visit to the NE.

  2. So adorable! I don't blame you at all for having these "delivered".


  3. They're adorable! I'd drive far for those, too.

  4. Amanda: No, they're little sponge cakes with vanilla butter cream through the middle inside. They really are amazing cakes!

    Betty's is a British Institution. If you ever get the chance to go (there's two in York as well) you should totally get the cream tea! You won't be disappointed!

    Katie xox

  5. So Katie...just where is Harrogate? Those look divine!! I found you on the foodie blogroll and I'm so glad I did - you have some very interesting things here...which had had me salivating and I'm thinking I must make the steak and ale pie very soon! Thanks for a great read! Nan - Oh, Google/Blogger only lets me sign in with my other blog, which happens to be my dog's blog, but you can check out mine at

  6. Thank you so much for your kind words, you made my lil day :D

    Harrogate is in North Yorkshire, it's a lovely little village with the best tea room in England :D

    I'm on my way over to your blog as we speak!

    Katie xox


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