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26 Feb 2009

Can't resist those oreos!

Oreo cookies are so good, aren't they? Pair them with a big glass of milk and you have the recipe for eternal happiness right there in front of you. Sadly, in my house a box of Oreo's doesn't last long enough to do anything creative with them. Knowing this, on my way home from uni I bought a box, took it home and hid it behind the cat food. He'll never look there, I thought smugly, and I was right, he didn't.

Today, I broke the box out of it's kitty-licious hiding place after reading about these fabulous cupcakes on Good Mood Food, my new daily read. The frosting was such a light alternative to the heavy versions you usually associate with cupcakes. The whipped cream gave a refreshing lightness while the crumb was very dense, it was the perfect combination.

I omitted the chocolate chips as I didn't have any handy and couldn't be bothered to chop a bar after mercilessly bashing 8 cookies to death. Also, the original recipe states the batter is enough for 8 cupcakes but I spread it out over 12 cases and still ended up with larger than average cuppies. I think I'll use this recipe as the base for all of my future cupcakes, they're flippin' massive!

I tried to give the dreggs of cream left in the bottom of the pot to my cats as a nice surprise and you'd think I was forcing rat poisoning upon them. I really believe I have lactose intolerant cats, or really fussy ones.

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  1. I've never had an oreo cookie but these look good enough for me to hop in the car and make the 300+ mile journey to eat one!

  2. that just looks too naughty... but i guess it beats dunking them in a glass of milk...

  3. I love Oreos, haven't had them for ages!

  4. They look beautiful! My kids would love me if I made those.
    Everyone loves an Oreo, they are just happy cookies.

  5. They look so cute with the oreos on top, not sure if I like oreos though, will have to buy some more, just to remind me of course...

  6. Me again! Have nominated your blog for an adorable award, please come by to collect


  7. These look absolutely wonderful! Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  8. I've never had much luck with cupcakes. I know that sounds mad, but I think I gave up after my first failed batch. These look so good, that I am tempted to give it another go :)

  9. Oh yey! I do hope you'll blog them, I can't wait to see how they turn out! The recipe is so forgiving, I'm in love with the cupcake base.

    Hot crossed buns are on my agenda for today :D

    katie xox

  10. I made the Oreo Cupcakes Katie. They were good, although they turned out huge and weren't a patch on yours. I just slathered the cupcakes with icing. I really have to get an icing back and nozzles.

  11. I love these cupcakes and you have piped the cream so beautifully.



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