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12 Apr 2009

Brooklyn Brownout Cake

This weeks task is brought to us by Elyse of Confectionary Creations, in perfect Easter spirit she chose the most chocolaty treat in the whole book, the Brooklyn Brownout Cake. Not only did we have to make a devils food chocolate cake for this recipe, but we also had to whip up a batch of brownies for the filling. How decadent! This one really is one for the sweet toothed among us.

Rather than make the brownies from the cookbook like the recipe asked, I decided to leave them for a future week and use the super sugary recipe from the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook. To say I had trouble keeping 4 aside for the chocolate filling is an understatement. I pretty much had to keep Kris' fingers off them by swinging a flaming torch whilst screaming 'BACK, BACK I TELLS YOU!'

I didn't have any 7" baking pans handy so I threw the mixture in my 20cm tin and took up residence in front on the oven with a cup of tea, making sure there was no burnage going on. Saying that, I did set fire to my nice oven glove while the brownies were baking, ooops! I don't know whether it was the fault of the bigger tins or I took the cakes out before they were ready but they turned out rather crumby, much like two giant brownies. I had quite a bit of trouble handling them and in some instances had to glue bits together with chocolate ganache. I think next time I'll make sure I have the right sized tins.

And now, my cake and I are off to my mums house for a lovely Easter lunch. Ta ta for now :)

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  1. Beautiful cake! I use parchment on the bottoms of full sized cake pans, if that helps with the releasing issues. (Butter tin and then butter parchemnt)
    Have a great time with your family.

  2. Your cake looks fabulous! I love the brownie bits on top. We thought this was a really delicious cake too!

  3. Your cake looks great! This one was a lot of fun, and sooooo decadent...

  4. Your cake looks great, sorry it gave you trouble coming out of the pan. I also had trouble keeping enough brownies around for the cake!

  5. There are worse fates than having your cake layers taste like giant brownies! I love how beautiful and shiny your ganache is on top of your cake. Yum!

  6. I hope your cake went over well with the family! I'm sure it was delicious. Todd and I had trouble keeping our hands off of the brownies, too!! Happy Easter!

  7. Beautiful cake Katie. I baked mine in 8inch tins (really don't know how you put up with the conversions - you rock)and mine were pretty crumbly as well. So even though they sunk a little, i didn't try to level them. Hoped mum liked it.

  8. You'll have to give us an update on how the cake went over for the holiday!

  9. Wow, that looks amazing! I am full of admiration :)

  10. That cake looks just glorious with that shiny ganache on it. I am sure that it was the perfect finish to an Easter lunch!

  11. Are you going to post the recipe for the Hummingbird Brownies? Because I would love to try them!

    With that said, I have to know - did your mother try the cake?

  12. Your cake looks great!

    Hope you had a lovely Easter!

  13. She didn't Megan, but she loved the Simnel cakes I baked specially for her.

    I'll certainly do a blog post on the Hummingbird Brownies, they really are glorious!

    Katie xox

  14. Your cake looks gorgeous!! I loved this cake. Maybe I loved it a little too much.

  15. my cakes were breaky-aparty, too. i had to glue mine together as well!! I'm so sorry to hear about your flaming oven glove, how sad and scary! :( i once set marshmallows on fire inside my oven (lets just say... if you decide to "roast/toast" marshmallows with your broiler, do NOT leave them for more than a SECOND without watching :) These events are what makes life fun though, right? (and those burn marks are reminders of funny/good times... Ahhh memories) :)


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