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24 Jun 2009

Sunday is my favorite day

Not only because of the wonderful Sweet Melissa Sunday group but Sunday is the day my very good friend and I meet up for our weekly cakeathon. I'm still keeping shtum about the reasons for this but all will become clear in the next month or so.

This week was our first week back after my op and I was dying to get back into the swing of things. Not to let myself off lightly I decided to make three batches of cakes for us to sample while my chum brought over three batches of her own. I think I put around a stone on that day, bad times. First of all I decided to try a recipe I came across on How To Eat a Cupcake, cherry chocolate cupcakes. Let me tell you, they are delicious! Even my non-cherry eating boyfriend couldn't get enough of them. The cherry flavoured cream cheese was to die for and the little chunks of cherry strewn throughout the cake, well I ate about three and I think that speaks volumes.

Next up I made a smaller batch from a book gifted to me by my very best friend in the world, Cupcake Heaven (thats the name of the book, not my friend, her name's Sarah). From this I chose the banoffee cupcakes topped with cream cheese icing and drizzled with a toffee sauce (the latter was my addition to the recipe). I didn't try one of these as I was too full of choc cherry cake but I have it on good authority that they are amazing! My only problem with these cakes were they just weren't big enough. I'm going to do some experementation and get back to you on this one ;)

Last of all, inspired by the Marks and Spencer's version, I whipped up a batch of vanilla cupcakes filled with strawberry jam and topped with strawberry butter cream. Anyone who's tasted the M&S version will probably agree that they are just too darn sweet and one cupcake is just too much for a single person to enjoy. With this in mind I used quite a tart jam and went easy on the icing. They turned out quite nicely, although the icing was far too stiff, I think next time i'll add a drop more milk.

Can't wait for this Sunday :D

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  1. Sunday is a great day! Im glad your getting back in the swing of things. By the look of your cupcakes you have not lost the art of baking! Nice job!

  2. wow i take all three please/ these look delicious!

  3. How fun! Your cupcakes look gorgeous.

  4. Katie, I wanna come over a Sunday bake-a-thon! ALL three of your cuppycakes sound yummy and WOW, you did a fantastic jon on the frosting!

  5. Each cupcake looks amazing!

  6. What a wonderful tradition! Sunday is my baking day, too, but I do it all alone (which is actually great, because my husband watches my kids for a couple of hours, and I get some time to myself...) Your cupcakes look fantastic!

  7. I'm glad you're feeling better, Katie. Baking certainly "heals" the spirit :o)
    What a lovely tradition you have going on with your friend. That sounds like so much fun.
    Your cupcakes look beautiful. I like the piped swirl on top of each one. Very pretty.

  8. What can I say but those cupcakes look utterly divine.

  9. I have Cupcake Heaven and isn't it gorgeous?

    Your cupcakes are simply beautiful and I'm totally in love with the pale pink cupcake!!


  10. Okay seriously you need to come to mine and teach me how to pipe, your icing is flawless! xxx

  11. Kris is a lunatic for turning his nose up at anything you make, so I'm glad to hear he tried cherries. I've said this before, but Katie's cupcakes are simply the best things I have ever tasted in my life. I am a compulsive eater too, with a taste for cake, so this is saying alot.

    Haha, when we were in New York I wouldn't get a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery as they didn't look as nomtastic as yours. xx


Thank you for your comments :)

Katie xo