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21 Mar 2010

Weekend Cat Blogging

This is something I've always wanted to do but never gotten around to! Since I started this blog I've always nosed upon the Weekend Cat Blogging group, I mean, who doesn't love a kitty! And, after a year and a bit I've finally gone and done it! So, here is my very first Weekend Cat Blog....

Everyone meet Gogo! Gogo is my foster child and I love her very much! She came to me from a friend who has moved back in with her parents. Said parents have a kitty Gogo didn't really get along with so she came to stay with us for a wee while. I can honestly say she has made the last month of my life so much better, her little face lights up my day. I enjoy her so much, I've decided I'm going to get another cat once she returns to her birth mother. I don't think I've told Kris yet, so shhhh!

And this is the number one man in my life, Marmalade. I don't think it is possible for a human being to love a cat as much as I love Marmalade. He is my little life partner and my reason for getting up in the morning.

Unfortunately, Muffin hates the camera and runs for the hills every time I point it at her. So she will have to live in anonymity...for now.

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  1. Awe Katie, what a lovely post. Gogo and Marmalade are so cute, hopefully we might get to see Muffin one day.

    Btw it is possible to love a cat that much, I'm the same with my Madison.


  2. oh YAY!!!!! We is SOOOOOOOOO happy you're all pawticipating!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!

  3. Gorgeous kitties. I no longer have any cats, my last one had to be put down just before Christmas. Lovely to see such happy healthy cats.

  4. We drive Jan crazy. We either run up and stick our faces right in the camera lens, run away or turn so she can't get a good pic. But Marmalade and Gogo are very good at posing.

  5. Your kitties are so sweet! Beautiful!



  6. Katie,

    You take beautiful photos of your cats. Lovely!


  7. I am glad you posted a picture of your cats, they are gorgeous. I don't know how you will be able to part with Gogo, he's just lovely!

    ps I made your jammy doughnut muffins and they were great. I have posted them today. Thank you for the recipe.


  8. Awww, your kittie and foster kittie are both so adorable! Makes me miss having a little purr baby around the house.

  9. Aww such cuties!! Such a cute idea to post about them too, I live in a flat so no kittys here but my mum has 4 which I treat as my own! Will have to dig out some piccies :), roll on next weekend ;-)

  10. Welcome to WCB-Marmalade and Gogo are sweethearts. I can see why you love them so much. I hope you participate again.

  11. Yay, so glad you are joining us! Your kitty cats are soooo cute!

  12. Hi Gogo !!! Looks like my cat Lizica unbeliveball. Lot of kisess !!!

  13. I love the photos of the cats. So cute!!

  14. That's so nice of you to take care of your friend's cat. Were your other cats dying of jealousy when it came home?


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