18 Oct 2010

Home Sweet Home

Boy it really is nice to be cold again!  After spending the last two weeks baking in the intense Floridian heat it's amazing to be back home and thrust straight into woolly tights weather.  Autumn, I've missed you!

But, I've got a surprise for you.  This isn't just a regular blog post with me waxing lyrical about whichever cupcake I've baked this week; oh no this one is special, this one is a give away!  That's right, I've got a delicious prize for one of you lovely folk who tune in to read my idiotic ramblings, just 'cause I love 'ya!  So here it is, just in time for Christmas, an yumtastic milk chocolate advent calendar straight from the shelves of one of my favorite shops Hotel Chocolat!
Isn't it beautiful?!  Certainly beats the hell out of the crappy Simpsons advents currently clogging up the isles of your local supermarket!  I've nabbed myself a dark chocolate version and it's going to be a real test of strength leaving those delicious little chocolates intact ready for December 1st!

I can see you're all itching to get your hands on the most scrumptious advent calender available so here's how you can get one for your own!

  • Firstly, leave a comment on my blog telling me your favorite seasonal holiday and why.
  • Secondly, tweet this competition or stick a link to it on your blog.  Promotions ahoy!
  • Lastly, if you're not already a follower, become one and let me know via comment.
Do all that and you're in with 3 chances to chow down on a decedent morsel of chocolate every morning of advent.  Who could resist such a thing?

Winners will be announced on Monday November 1st.  See you then ;)


thewhimsicalcupcake said...

My favorite seasonal holiday has to be Christmas. There is just this... feeling in the air. It sounds hokey but, it's so cheerful!


thewhimsicalcupcake said...

I retweeted your giveaway Tweet. Yay for promotions :)


thewhimsicalcupcake said...

I follow you on twitter as whmsicalcupcake


E is for Eleanor said...

Ooh yes please! They look delicious!
My favourite season is definitely xmas, I can't blimming wait. I've been telling my friends since June I couldn't wait for xmas haha.

And I follow you :D x

bea m said...

my favorite holiday is hannukah. i love christmas and all, but latkes are so delicious!


I rather like Easter best because I always whipped up baskets for everybody and got to taste the leftovers.
Nicely organized blog. I hope to do one someday :)
Judy Donofrio
(So. California)

MessyCarla said...

Even though I adore Christmas and Halloween, one of my favourite 'holidays' is Bonfire Night.
I just adore the burning smell, and making big batches of treacle toffee and soup - then wrapping up warm and huddling down to South Shields or Sunderland for an organised display. Last year we even took a ride on a ferris wheel! Bliss!

I'll also retweet, and post a link on my blog. :DD xxxxxxx

Katiecakes said...

Oh Carla, you are a dear :)

I love bonfire night too. It always brings out my inner Nigella! Nom!

Katie xox

the crafty currant said...

I super love Xmas but the run up to the big day is my favourite, esp Xmas eve. We always gather at my parents house for supper and then we go to the carol service.

I have also retweeted ... does that count??


Katiecakes said...

Haha, I'll count that as two entries ;)


Sarah-Jane - SiliconeMoulds.com said...

Hope you had a lovely holiday. Nice to see you back.

Ohh - and not entering your giveaway - just looking forward to more of your creations and pretty pictures. Hope all is doing well with Pet Lamb :-)

Jessie said...

I love Thanksgiving - great food, spending time with family and no gifts to buy! What could be better?

Kita said...

Thats a beautiful advent calendar! I already follow you (google reader) and am off to tweet. Way better than the dollar store one I was eying up.


L.Q. said...

I absolutely adore Christmas! It's such a fun holiday with all the lights, plus I get to bake tons and tons of desserts for my friends. The holiday starts the minute you wake up with presents under the tree, and it's just such a great holiday.

L.Q. said...

Oh, almost forgot! I tweeted this post on my twitter (lucyqn) and I am now following you! Thanks!

Elaine said...

I love Thanksgiving, food, family, friends, no worrying about gifts, just makeing good memories!


Nicoline said...

Love your blog soooo much!! Please follow or visit my blog:)

Laurelas said...

My favourite holiday is definitely Christmas - for the hot chocolates, the delicious Christmas cookies, the coziness of a lit fireplace, being with my family, listening to the Nutcracker... And the Christmas carols (the old-fashioned ones).

Oh, and I'm a new follower + I tweeted your giveaway (my twitter is @laurelas)


Cats_cupcakes said...

My favourite holiday has to definitely be christmas time...i love the build up to it with all the lovely sparkly things in the shops and the xmas lights up round town...plus its my birthday near xmas too which makes it even better!!

PinkBow said...

mmm, good giveaway!!

(enjoy your london trip too, i haven't been to the ritz for tea yet but am slowly working my way around them all!)

kohsamui14 said...

just followed your blog. I don't have a blog to attach you to . So I tweeted @kohsamui14 instead!
My fave seasonal holiday is Easter... I love looking at the packaging for all the chocolate eggs and drooling over all the chocolatety reviews before finally committing myself to the yummiest indulgence ever.

kohsamui14 said...

here is my tweet....
rozinna28 at yahoo dot com

ByMyFairHand said...

My favourite all time holiday has to be Christmas. I start looking forward to it after my birthday (in July) and every time I move house I *always* imagine how it would look at Christmas. I work in a mental health hospital which provides 24 hour care so I always totally freak out when I think I might have to work Christmas, but so far, I haven't. Man oh man I LOVE CHRISTMAS!


Katie said...

Ohh I love Hotel Chocolat! My favourite holiday season is Christmas. I love how it brings all the family together and involves sitting round hot fires and singing along to cheesy Christmas songs. Plus its a great excuse to bake loads of sweet treats

Becky said...

Great giveaway, my favourite holiday is Christmas, partly because it's the longest - I like to put my tree up as close to the 1st as possible! I follow you on google connect and have put a link to your competition on my blog http://styleandthecityuk.blogspot.com/