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26 Nov 2010

My midweek weekend in pictures.

As most of you who read my blog know weekends don't hold much value to me.  If I'm not busy with Pet Lamb, I'm working at the studio.  Since we're stuck at work while everyone else is off gallivanting and enjoying their hard earned time off we often decided to take a midweek weekend for ourselves.  Funnily enough, this works out better for us, the shops are quiet, no queues at the restaurants and the cinema is deserted.  Leads for a much less stressful day out, especially in the run up to Christmas.

This week our midweek weekend was spent enjoying this brisk weather in Whitby and Corbridge.  We were meant to spend the full two days down in Whitby but man alive was it cold, and closed!  It never dawned on me that a seaside town would close down for the winter.  Not that this bothered me, it meant I got to visit my very favorite shop in the whole world REfound Objects, but more on that later.

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  1. I've always wanted to go to Whitby - its an Aussie thing lol. You seem to have enjoyed your midweek weekend ;0)

  2. your pictures are so cute! i love the rainbow!

  3. Love your photos - The cafe looks so cute x

  4. I love REfound Objects!! It is the best shop in the whole world... So far from it now but thankfully they do mail order. Did you at least get to have some chips in whitby?? x

  5. I certainly did Rosy. I got some in the Magpie Cafe which is supposed to be one of the best in the country. I wasn't overly impressed though, I've had better from little seaside chippies.

    REfound Objects is amazing! I've been going every payday for around a year now. My house is littered with their merch, so much that the owners actually take the mick when I go in now :p

    Katie xox

  6. Magpie - one of my favourite places in Whitby. :) Love your photos. Cheers from North Yorks!


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