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18 Apr 2011

Afternoon Tea: Townhouse Hotel

Along with about 80% of the general public, my email inbox is updated daily with money saving ideas from Groupon.  More often than not these vouchers are nothing to get excited about, £9 for £22 worth of food from your local Indian takeaway and so forth.  A few weeks ago one of these mails caught my eye, Afternoon Tea for two in a local hotel for just £7.  Well, there was no way I was letting such a huge bargain pass me by so I snapped it up in an instant.  

The hotel in question was The Townhouse Hotel located in the centre of Gosforth.  A beautifully converted townhouse boasting a very impressive, home style menu.  Part of me wishes I wasn't there for afternoon tea and was simply sampling their mouth watering array of dishes.

The afternoon tea at the Townhouse Hotel was more of a contempory take on the quintissential English tradition.  A wholemeal scone along with a slice of your chosen cake rather than dainty bite sized patisserie. And to be honest, it was quite a refreshing change.  The sandwiches were small and perfectly formed nestled along side a crisp salad and pile of crisps, in my eyes there is no larger pleasure in life than a grated cheese sandwich topped with munched up crisps. A childhood favorite!

My only gripes were that the portion of jam and clotted cream we were provided with was barely enough for one scone, never mind two and the scone and cake was more of a wintery treat, heavy with cinnamon and spices. 

I shall certainly be returning to sample some of their delicious looking meals from the contantly updated main menu, and I urge you to join me.


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9 comments: said...

Mmmm looks lovely! I had first proper afternoon tea last weekend, and it was sooo good! I totally agree about the crisps in sandwiches lol.. ;)

Kate said...

I've only been to Newcastle once- far too long ago, loved it, would love to go again- does a great little cafe called Belle and Herbs still exist? Sorry to call upon you as a local tourist information officer but I have many a nice daydream about the breakfasts and cakes there, all these years later!


StyleFrost said...

I love afternoon tea and love reading reviews, scones look yummy! x

Becky said...

I've been here a couple of times, I'd recommend the burgers!

daisychain said...

Oh that looks amazing!

Bryden and Claire said...

I don't think I can physically eat sandwiches without putting crisps into them!


Katiecakes said...

Kate - Belle and Herbs shut down a while ago. It's now reopened under the name The Butterfly Cabinet and it's pretty much exactly the same :) I love it there, in fact, I might even go for my breakfast today!!

Katie xox

How To Be Perfect said...

Mmmm crisp sandwiches...
Everything looks lovely and I'm very jealous of all your wonderful afternoon tea outings. x

Heather said...

Looks sooo good. My sister and I throw a mini tea session every year for Mothers day. It's pretty fun.