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6 May 2011

Channel 4 - Best Baking Blogs

If you follow me on Twitter you will be well aware of how I've been feeling the last few days.  When I'm poorly I have an uncontrollable desire to keep the world informed of every ache and pain.  I think I must enjoy the sympathy.  I've been plodding around the house, wrapped in my pink fluffy dressing gown, clutching a cup of tea and box of tissues generally feeling very sorry for my little plight until I checked my emails.  Right there in my inbox was a note from Channel 4 letting me know that I've been chosen as one of their Best Baking Blogs!  How exciting, little old me?!  Here's what they had to say:

For fun:
Oooooh pretty. This is one good looking blog. If you weren't peckish before visiting Katie Cakes, guaranteed you will be afterwards. Geordie cake-lover Katie has packed her site with simple ideas that will transform your baking, and there's some stunning photography too. The result is full-on food porn. Its Katie's wicked sense of humour and eye for funky new products that's got us inspired. Her cameo cupcakes, glitter jam cookies and shortbread wings for tea cups have turned us green with envy.

Thank you so much to Channel 4 for including me! You brightened up an otherwise gloomy day filled with lemsip and coughs!

Check out the other blogs on the list, they'll be sure to make your tummy tingle with delight:

For the Adventurous  - An American Cupcake in London
For Good Advice - Masion Cupcake
For Getting Groovy Groovy - Delicious Delicious Delicious
For A Sure Thing - The Boy Who Bakes
For The Experimental - The Pink Whisk
For Keeping Up Appearances - Amelie's House
For The Gossip - Let Her Bake Cake
For Tips From A Professional
- Coco & Me
For Being Naughty - Evil Shenanigans

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ellieand said...

Oh my goosh Katie this is wonderful!!! :D congratulations love, your fabulous blog deserves some recognition!! eep!! x

Cupcake Kelly said...

I was so excited when I saw mine too! I've added your blog to my google reader so I can stay up to date on your postings x

Sarah, Maison Cupcake said...

They wrote some really lovely things about us didn't they. Thanks for the additional mention and I hope you're feeling much better!

Amanda said...

Congratulations Katie! So exciting and rather delicious news :)

SweetColours said...

Congratulations on your blog, I think it is beautiful and works are exquisite. I'm here to follow you.
We invite you to visit my blog, I hope you like my work and follow me. A hug from Spain.

Maria♥ said...

Congratulations Katie!


Butter Hearts Sugar said...

Congratulations on the awesome news!

I hope you feel better soon :)

How To Be Perfect said...

So deserved, I love your blog and left a comment on the Channel4 page saying so. Massive congrats, I bet you're over the moon. x

Janice said...

Woohoo! Fab news and a well deserved rating.

normalityandme said...

Absolute Congratulations! Totally deserved x and get better soon :( x

Tracey said...

Congratulations! It must feel awesome to have your work & blog recognised in this way! Hope you feel better soon!

Natasha said...

Well done, your blog is beautiful..and how many cook books do you own? Good luck with the project.
Thanks for the link!

E is for Eleanor said...

This is really fantastic! Well done Katie :D xx

krystalgazing said...

I got a real sense of deja vu reading the BBC write up on your blog, it got stronger as i read down their list of Best Baking Blogs before it actually occurred to me - it was the BBC's Best Baking Blogs that had led me here a couple of days ago! i had bookmarked intending on coming back later when i had more time to browse lol

I bet you are glad your readership has expanded by at least one, very forgetful person! But i do love a good cupcake ;) x

Johan said...

Congratulations! I'm new to your blog and have had a sneaky look through your archive. There's some delicious baking in there! Definitely want to try making macarons now. Your Royal Wedding day feast looked amazing too!