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4 May 2011

May the fourth be with you!

Now this is going to sound terrible.  Please, try not to judge me I swear, I'll try an rectify this dreadful confession as soon as possible.  Here it goes... I've never seen Star Wars!  Phew, that's a load off.   Coming from someone with a minor degree in Film Studies and a huge adoration of cinema it's a pretty shameful deal.  Especially since most people that know me on a personal level refer to me as Chewie or Wookie (it's an embarrassing story, don't ask).

That being said I love word play almost as much as I love novelty items, so imagine my delight when I discovered these adorable cookie cutters while in America last year.  I may not have seen the films but my nearest and dearest are all huge fans of the franchise so why not make them happy with some delicious May 4th cookies.

 Hope you all had a wonderful day and remember, May the fourth be with you.

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  1. Omg. I totally ADORE these cookies. I'm a huge Star Wars fan (it's my big brother's fault!!!) and I even made Star Wars cupcakes for my brother a few months ago... Had I had these cookie cutters, I would have made these!!
    And about watching the films... it's never too late!!! haha. They're so much fun! My fiancé has never watched Star Wars either and I'm already planning the way of forcing him to watch them!! hahaha :)Maybe promising a couple of cookies in exchange will work...


  2. Katie, these are fantastic!


  3. These cookies are so funny! I am a movie freak but have never seen it eather.. I might have to put it on my to do list!

  4. haha these are great! i've never seen them either!!

    january, x

  5. ive never seen the films either! but the cookies look great :D
    nicola x

  6. oh my these are so cute! I know a few people who would LOVE to have these :)

  7. Fantasticas galletas! se ven deliciosas!
    Saludos Da & Mer

  8. I'm a huge Star Wars geek (growing up with five brothers does that to you, apparently) - and I LOVE these cookie cutters. William's Sonoma came out with a new line of the ships and I fell. in. love. Sadly, I haven't used them yet. I love how you did the fondant over top (that's fondant, right?) - I tried piping mine and Boba Fett looked all sorts of wrong.

  9. Perfect, what a lot of fun. I saw the original films in the cinema when they came out. Loved them but not as much as the Indiana Jones films ;)

  10. Eee, katie these are fab!! I saw these cutters ooon....i think it was bakerella?! and have loved them ever since :)

  11. Ever so cute. Now go watch the films!

  12. Love, Love Love these! Where can I get these cookie cutters? X

  13. Hi Betty,

    I got them from William Sonoma while I was in the US. I just couldn't resist!

    Katie xox


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