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25 Apr 2012

Iconemesis Giveaway

When Iconemesis recently got in tough with me asking to try one of their stunning iPhone cases I was delighted.  Not only was I newly in the market for a new phone case after dropping my beloved Kate Spade cover down the stairs, but I'd been eying up the beautiful designs Iconemesis had on offer for quite some time.

After a long, painstaking decision I finally settled upon the beautiful Birds design by Sarah King.  For some reason I'm always attracted to pretty birdies and the pigeons just called to me.  After all, I am from Newcastle and any Northern stereotype just isn't complete without their pigeons.  All I need now is a flat cap and a whippet.  

Now, this is all well and good I here you say, but what's in it for me? Well, the lovely folk at Iconemesis have given me a case to give away to one of you, dear readers.  All you have to do to be in with winning one of these beautiful cases is pop on over to the Iconemesis website and tell me which design you would like to see adorn your precious iPhone.  Leave your answer in a comment before Sunday May 6th to be in with a chance.  Good luck.

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amy beth marantino said...

I like the Dancing Elephant design

Nelly said...

So. Many. Pretty. Things.

If I had to chose it would be a two way tie between Vintage by Leah Goren for the 3GS or Unicorn by Gemma Correll.


Kavey said...

So lovely! First choice would be burger.
And just in case it wasn't in stock, my 2nd choice would be Robots, 3rd choice Tangled, 4th choice Birds.

Nom! The Indulgent Baking Blog said...

Oh my sweet devils food cake!!

It has to be the cupcake design...I'm in love!

Nom! x

Sophie said...

I really love the Iconemesis cases! My favourite [and it's a tough one] is probably the fifi teacup! So sweet.

Lorna said...

don't think this could be more of a perfect competition! it's my birthday on the 6th when the competition closes! and i'm getting an iphone!!

this design is my favourite

the black floral by johanna basford.

Lorna x

Coleens Recipes said...

How pretty (and generous!!) I love the pink floral case.

lauraaaaxo said...

My favourite is definitely the Popsicle case by Carlos Garde-Martin
It's just so cool :)

Laura xx

Jessica said...

If love to win the Cats one by Gemma Correll -love her stuff!

Dawniepopsies said...

Definitely the shy girl cover! I love it!

Follow through GFC

Dawnie xx

Jackie. said...

Woah, this website is class! So original, I always get sick of having similar covers to other people.

I like the Diamond one best, I have a tattoo of a diamond and I've got a bit of an obsession with skulls so it's a dream cover!

Jackie xx

ttFNx said...

I would have to go with the cats design - it is stunning! x

Kaypet said...

Ooh I'd love the kitty one by Gemma Correll :D xxx

carizza said...

sarah king has a lot of great designs! my favourite iconemesis case is actually the "skull" one by her!

lovely giveaway~

A Portland Girl said...

I love "Feathers" by Cat Simms. Wonderful give away!

hotovenwarmheart said...

What a fun and generous giveaway, Katie!

I loved a number of the designs, but I think my favorite is "Layered Shapes" by Rachael Taylor. I'm a sucker for anything with yellow and flowers :)

Thank you so much for running this contest!



Hello dear!
Would love to be able to win the Feathers design iphone 4 cover!
Have a lovely week! x

Sarah said...

For me it would have to be this one

I'm often juggling lots of things with work, the kids and it feels like I have to be an octopus at times!

Becky said...

Lovely giveaway, I like the watercolour design.

Azra said...

I love the robot one! So quirky and I call my iPhone my bot!

stephani said...


Thank you!!! :)xx

Jeri said...

I am obsessed with this iPhone design by Sarah King:

The "Skull" artwork is to DIE for ;)

summerdays said...

After having looked at so many and Gone back and forth to a few where I have Ummm'd and Aaaaah'd, my heart still beats when I look at Celestial Kingdom
It makes me think of my high school days when I used to doodle in my homework diary while the teacher was going on and on.. Doodling kept me from falling asleep in the class. I used to mix my art black pen doodles with some of my coloured pens. I’m drawn to the contract of the black and white with a tinge of colour... love love love it
NOW this is definitely something worth winning!!!!!!!!

The DeMille Digest said...

I love both the floral and layered shapes but if I had to choose the floral would probably win out. They are all great!