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17 May 2012

Nutella & Raspberry Fondants for World Baking Day

Did you know that this Sunday May 20th is World Baking Day? I sure did, but I just couldn't rest without letting the rest of the world in on the excitement.  If you want to get in on the fun the rules are very simple, all you have to do is bake a cake, take it somewhere silly and snap a photo.  Upload your crazy cakey picture to Twitter and add the tag #caking or simply submit it here and away you go!

Want some inspiration? How about these uh-mazing Nutella and raspberry fondants, they really are something else!  Serve hot for a superb warm and gooey centre or cold the following day, these little cuties will knock your socks clean off!

Nutella & Raspberry Fondants
(Adapted from Eat Little Bird)

100g plain flour
100g cocoa powder
200g caster sugar
185g unsalted butter, melted
4 large eggs
1 punnet fresh raspberries
1 jar Nutella

Preheat oven to 180C and liberally butter the cavities of a deep muffin tin.

Mix the sugar and eggs together until light and fluffy before folding through the flour and cocoa powder.  Add the melted butter and mix till combined.  

Pour a tablespoon of the batter into each muffin cavity, just enough to cover the base of the tin.  Place a heaped teaspoon of Nutella into each hole before covering with more batter.  Press three raspberries into the top of each fondant and bake for 10 minutes.  You want the sides of each cake to be cooked but the top and middle to be gooey and liquid.

Allow to cool in the tin for a few minutes before lifting out with a butter knife.  Enjoy warm with lashings of cream.

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  1. Those look amazing Katie. I love raspberries with chocolate. Such a brilliant combination.

  2. Wow, these look fantastic! I'm so tempted to make these for World Baking Day now... ^_^

  3. ooh they look perfect! I love chocolate and raspberry.x

  4. these look AMAZING! i'm definitely going to try them :) x

  5. The inside looks so oozy and delicious!

  6. these look decadent but so so so good - how big is a jar of nutella!

  7. As big as you want :) A small jar will do but a bigger jar will yield leftovers.


  8. Those are so pretty!!!
    xx Maria

  9. these looks lovely. I do like Nutella and in a fondant... yum!

  10. these look fantastic! happy World Baking Day.

  11. these look fantastic! Happy World Baking Day !

  12. these look fantastic! Happy World Baking Day ! ! !

  13. They look amazing! Really sophisticated cupcakes.


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